Our Fees To Tenants

Rolitex Estates Agent

Tenants are required to provide:

(a)     Suitable means of identification (passport, driving licence etc).
(b)     One month's advanced rent.
(c)     Deposit (between one month's rent or approximately 6 weeks deposit).
(d)     Proof of income (recent bank statements, payslips etc).
(e)     Works reference (or copy of contract of employment).
(f)     Previous landlords reference (or confirmation of previous address).
If applicable guarantors are required to provide:
(a)     Suitable means of identification (passport or driving licence).
(b)     Proof of address (copy of utility bill).
(c)     Proof of income (confirmation of earnings or recent bank statements).

Please note we may equally require the guarantor to complete a form for credit check.

Once a viewed property is acceptable to the tenant a SECURING DEPOSIT of at least two weeks’ rent is required.

a) Will be deducted from the total payable for rent and deposit if the letting goes ahead (becoming part of deposit paid).

b) Will be refunded if the landlord for any reason rejects the tenant.

c) WILL NOT be refunded if the tenant withdraws for any reason before letting commences.

All payments must be cleared through the bank before letting commences. Whilst every effort will be extended to present suitable tenants to landlords, final tenant approval is at the discretion of the Landlord and Rolitex Ltd cannot be held responsible for rejection by the Landlord.

ADMINISTRATION FEES:  (payable at the outset and non refundable and are inclusive of VAT)
                                                Studio           - £ 250
                                                1 Bedroom    - £ 300
                                                2 Bedroom    - £ 400
                                                3 Bedroom    - £ 450
                                                4 Bedroom    - £ 500
                                                5 Bedroom    - £ 550

Administration fess cover the collation and verification of documents such as work references, landlord references, proof of address, proof of income as well as the cost of preforming credit checks on all applicants.